Etablished in early 2016 as a dj an producer collective, WEVIEW has been evolving fast ever since.

After throwing various wild parties around their hometown the next step was taking it to a new whole level and kick off WEVIEW as a record Label.


To get off the good start, the label decided to create a compilation with traks by all the founding artist. It´s ranging and smooth and uplifting deep techno, showing the broad and versatile character and the wide influences within the label.







"sprektum eins" - EP


While "The Wave" by Mindosgone is a funky and groovy house track feeding from beautiful pads and a melody to move your feed, "Strings 173" by Dominik Krammer is an uplifting and melodic, straight forward house track carried by a cheerful bass and singing strings. "Hackney Pace" by HÄNSN is a deep and dark progressive techno track with advine atmosphere and intense percussion layering, diving deep into versatile sounds and andvanced arrangement. BLAK & CRÉERs track "Avalanche" is the final of the EP, a direct an raw techno production. A driving bassline is topped with a trancy lead unleashing tons of energy onto the dancefloor.


Available in all official shops.



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